Sunday-girl’s day

OMG It takes forever to upload a photo… 

First stop: Try out new cafe.

Chapter Twenty Seven

332 Hale Rd, Wattle Grove WA 6107, Australia 

Food is nice here, I had a Lesi Lemak,  it comes with 2 big nice chicken wings that I didn’t expect (I shouldn’t eat chicken for some reasons). 

Minimal desgin😊


Perth Airport Public Viewing Area

It’s been very windy here. Many families and photographers are waiting to see ✈  to take off.   


Perrys Paddock 

Beautiful ruins not far from the metropolis.  I love taking pics of historical buildings, unfortunately not many ruins in Perth. I hope I can travel to China or Japan  (saving $$ now), to see those old temples, villages, castles…

Go Home

I cannot get to see ancient Chinese building, but I can build one 😂.  I really admire this new brand, Xingbao Blocks, all products are legal with their own design. I am a fan of building blocks (Lego, Mega Blok, Kreo), now begin to Xingbao Chinatown series. 

Link on photos 😆 bookmark if you like it. 

3000 pieces!! Hopefully I can finish building it as well as a review by next week. More updates on its way!! 😜


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