Some more secret about me

Warning: External links ahead😜

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(Hey I feel like I  look better I few years ago… What do you think?) 

My Youtube (To be updated)

I am always interested in making short video or films or something visual. Yet I don’t have the skill to handle everything on my own, so I really need help from friends, anyone?

I have many ideas but never motivated to make any videos, sorry I am just busy and LAZY!

My toys blog

The new trend in building blocks (Like Lego, Kre-O, Mega Bloks), so many new brands since Lego patent expires on the early 2000s.

This is my fav thing besides CD~ trying to make an entry weekly

My eBay

Trying to make some money, to fund my own online store for toys and wigs!! Running an online business is part of my hobbies too.

Put something you like into your watch list!

If you are interested in anything there, you can PM me.


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